Why Leading Humans?

Work doesn’t have to suck. Leading other people doesn’t have to suck, either. But unfortunately, it does for far too many people these days.

The way we think about and manage work is out of date. It is rooted in the needs of the industrial era when people were viewed as interchangeable parts of a big production machine. Management was designed for the purpose of compliance.  

Work today is different. To thrive in the creative economy, we need people to be far more than parts of a machine.  We need them to be more … human.  

Humans are remarkable, loyal and creative when given the invitation and opportunity. To unleash this potential requires us to rethink how we approach the role of leader and manager.  We must break free from the shackles of traditional management thinking.  

We created Leading Humans to provide a leadership upgrade.

Most current leadership philosophies view the job of leadership as aligning and influencing people to meet organizational needs. It views the needs of the organization as most important.  

The Leading Humans philosophy flips this over. Successful leaders in the creative economy must view their primary role as fulfilling the needs of people to unleash their full passion and potential. Then, focusing it to drive organizational success.  

To be successful, we must gain a deeper understanding of what motivates us as humans and what needs must be met to unleash our true potential. This journey requires not only that we gain a deeper understanding of other humans, but it calls us to be more human ourselves.

This is the journey we will explore, travel and share with you through Leading Humans. We hope you will join us.